Stress & Sleep Hypnotherapy

Is everything getting too much for you to cope with?

Stress is the word most people use to describe how the demands of life are getting too much to cope with. It is your body’s natural reaction to a challenging event or situation. Biologically the body is readying itself to either stand and fight the threat or to get out of the situation quickly – both of which require a physical response. We need a certain amount of healthy stress as this drives us to get up and get going every morning! However, when stress is prolonged it creates problems which can damage your physical and psychological well-being.

You feel stress in the body as well as the mind

When you are stressed you experience physical symptoms which may include headaches, muscle tension, stomach pains, sweating, feeling dizzy, breathlessness, or even palpitations. Stress impacts your emotions and you may feel irritable, anxious, apathetic or in a low mood. You may find yourself having outbursts of temper, drinking or smoking too much, being forgetful or clumsy, rushing around or withdrawing from your usual activities or find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

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