Anger Management

How to deal with anger issues

Anger is a normal, natural emotion that we all experience at different levels from time to time. It can vary from mild irritation and displeasure, through to ‘red mist’ uncontrollable rage. Notice the next moment that you experience a flash of anger. Why did it happen? Was it a normal, natural response to something that happened, or was it something less significant? If it was reasonable, take a moment to appreciate this and let it go. If on reflection, you feel that the anger was excessive, follow these steps to learn to control it, and dramatically improve your life.

Understanding anger

Like any emotion, in moderation, anger has benefits. Anger is often a secondary response to another feeling, be it sadness, fear, loneliness or grief. How often do we experience anger when someone does something that scares us? If we see someone driving dangerously or see a child running into the road, our first reaction is often to shout at them. When we are grieving, we can feel angry that someone is no longer with us. If you find that your anger frequently turns to rage however, then this is something that needs to be addressed.

Transform your energy

If you feel angry all the time, it is likely that you also experience a number of physical symptoms, such as tension, headaches, insomnia, through to high blood pressure and worse. Listen to your body, and find a new way to deal with your anger. Get in touch to arrange a free telephone consultation to discuss how I can help you.

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